About Me

i am Micah Friesen. i was Born in Winnipeg Manitoba. i was raised in Prince Albert Saskatchewan and i am currently living in the country near Wetaskiwin Alberta. I play the guitar, very well i am told. i prefer acoustic. i go to church. i go to school. i go to youth. i love hanging out with friends. i can text, email, and send letters and post cards via mail. i thoroughly enjoy taking pictures. and love it when they turn out good. I am a Christian. i also believe that Music is medicine, for the soul.

About my family? i have 1 brother, 2 sisters, 1 bro in law. and 2 parents. oh, and a dead fish in the Freezer, R.I.P. Fishie. my Dad is a pastor. my siblings are all older then me. not much ells to say. i guess.