Saturday, July 14, 2012

hello world, i don't know why I've decided to keep you all in suspense as to what ive been up too lately. i guess im just forgetful. this past week has been a blur, from leading worship on Sunday, to taking a first aid course on Monday and Tuesday to working the rest of the week. and in my spare time trying to work on an album that i just released tonight.

like i said i led worship last Sunday, and even though i was kinda stressing out, it went really well. then in the afternoon i went and helped out by running a station for a neighbors amazing race game he was putting on for his wife's birthday party. then after the party i went and watched the Riders beat the Esk's.
on Monday and Tuesday i went and took a standard first aid & CPR course in Camrose. i needed to get it done for Camp, which I'm starting next Sunday. it was good to go, i learned a lot and met a few people. one guy was from Saskatchewan, and hour away from where i used to live. it was weird to make that connection. he said he was living in SK but working out here in Camrose, and went back and forth.
from Wednesday to Friday i worked for a neighbor doing random manual labor. then today i slept in, then got up and made some grilled cheese. it wasn't as good as the bacon guacamole grilled cheese sandwich that i made last weekend, but it was still good. i had a random idea while i was making it this morning; grilled peanut butter and jam sandwich. call me crazy but i think im going to try that this week.
i mentioned before that i released an album tonight, and i did. go check it out:  ive been working on this for the past couple of weeks, and finally tonight i decided i was pleased with it enough to post it online. let me know what you think. i don't know what this next week will hold, but ill attempt to try and keep you posted. ill let you know how the grilled peanut butter and jam sandwich goes. i leave for camp next Sunday night. so ill be getting ready for that. much other then that i hope all is well in your worlds.

"Just close your eyes, The sun is going down, You'll be alright, No one can hurt you now, Come morning light, You and I'll be safe and sound"
 -Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift

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