Saturday, July 21, 2012

So, i made the Grilled Peanut Butter and Jam sandwich, and it wasn't half bad. i had a brainwave half way through it though, that i should have put banana's into it. i think that would have made it better. this past week has been a blur, from buying things for camp, to packing, to helping put up and insulate a wall at the church and climbing in the attic of the church, to more packing. i also went and saw the new batman movie which was beyond superb.

so here it is, the eve of my leaving home. im kinda full of mixed emotions. its like the first official time im leaving home after school as an adult for longer then a day or two. so im kinda not knowing whats out there. i mean, i know whats out there and ive gone out there before by myself for longer then a day or two, but its different. i have nothing to return to in the fall, like school, the only constant in life. so i have to go out and make a name for myself in the world which is kinda scary. but ill try to take it in stride, with my guitar in one hand, my ipod full of music in my pocket.

i haven't told you yet where im going, at least not in this post yet. im going and working at Covenant Bay Bible Camp this summer as a cabin leader. i hope that this year is less stressful then last year. if you didn't know yet, last year we got bed bugs out at camp the second week in, and had to close for a week. so im really hoping and praying that that doesn't happen again this year. anyways, while im out there ill try to keep you posted, but im not promising anything.

"All my nightmares escaped my head, Bar the door, please don't let them in, You were never supposed to leave, Now my head's splitting at the seams, And I don't know if I can, Here, beneath my lungs, I feel your thumbs press into my skin again"
Welcome Home by Radical Face


  1. Have a great time at camp Micah. And enjoy everything the coming year holds. It may not feel like it at the time, but it's such an amazing time to get to know yourself and the world.

    It's 15 years ago this August that I headed off to university in Regina. The night before I left home and was packing up was the night Princess Diana died. Yes. I'm that old. But really it seems like yesterday. And some days I feel like I'm still full of all of the ideals I had as that 18 year old and sometimes I feel like a tired old curmudgeon.

    Nonetheless, the time of life you're in -- uncertain as it all is -- it's a great place to be. All the best and God be with you through it all, Micah.

  2. Thanks Dixie, you guys should come out for a visit after you're all settled in.