Saturday, October 13, 2012

i find it interesting where i find my inspiration. usually it comes in random bursts. when i wrote this song i found inspiration from rain and thunder. i wrote it late one night back in June or July when it was raining out. i was just about to go to bed, and i went to close my window but i stopped and  stood there for  a while taking in my surroundings. the smell, the feeling, the mood in the air, and i was just awe struck at the simple beauty of it all. and so as i do everything, i attempted to write it down in a song. this is the product. except this time i had an idea to try and add sounds to it, specifically a thunderstorm. so i spent a week or two looking for sounds, and then trying to edit it into the song. tell me what you think.

"but alas its time to sleep, i lay my head upon the ground. i hope i dream good things tonight, with that melody i have found."
Pitter Patter (Rain Lullabye) - Micah Friesen

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