Tuesday, March 19, 2013

so im starting to figure out what this whole `being an adult` thing is all about. i mean, i excepted it all along, having to own everything about me and everything i do. even though sometimes my instincts are to run away and hide in a dark and lonely place. and its hard sometimes, to face that truth. one aspect that im really starting to notice it is with my teeth. for those that don't know im going to have to get surgery done on my jaw/jaws to move them around, and the first step with that was getting my wisdom teeth out a couple of weeks ago. and then getting braces this past Wednesday. besides being a real pain in my face, ill have to live with them for a year and a half to two or three years. what im hoping for and praying for is that the whole thing can go quicker then expected, and that my jaws stop growing, so they only have to operate on the top jaw, and not both. its kinda over whelming sometimes. and i found out that i have a border line irrational fear of going in for surgery, as the days leading up too my wisdom teeth extraction showed me. but on the day of it i know a lot of people where praying for me, cause i was able to not freak out and not have a break down or something stupid like that. i think the hardest part is that i have to try and own it, and own that this is part of me and is who i am. sometimes i would like nothing more then to crawl up into a little ball on my moms lap like i used to. but i cant. mainly cause i would probably squish her to death.
ive been meaning to update this space for a while. but every time i have an idea to write on, i always forget it when i sit down to write, or just procrastinate until dont even post. so be patient with me as i work on my procrastination. ( :

"is trying to find a meaning the point of it all, or does it dive deeper within? maybe its just much simpler then that, could it be in that little bit of hope. the hope in the morning when the sun comes awake, or the smell right after a storm. The stars in the sky, the jaw dropping effect that the universe has over my soul. the meaning of life is all around, its in every single thing you see. the air in your chest, the blood in your veins, its in everything."
Prelude to Life- Micah Friesen

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  1. "sometimes i would like nothing more then to crawl up into a little ball on my moms lap like i used to. "

    Y'know, Micah, that doesn't really change, even when one gets older. I don't know if it helps or not, but even those guys who are 50+, who stand up in front of a church, who fly round the world and talk to all kinds of people about all kinds of things; we get like that still sometimes.

    Hope the operations, straightening and all the rest of it DOES go well though, and you end up with a set of teeth and jaws that don't cause any more problems. And look on the bright side - even when you can't sing you can still play guitar. :-)