Sunday, September 14, 2014

so here we are. the past few months have been kinda a blur. to give a brief recap, i spent july and august working at CLBI in Camrose helping out with maintenance type stuff. then i started school a couple weeks ago.

over all, lately I've been relatively stress free. but today i am anxious and a bit wound up. i have my reasons for these feelings; a death in the family, tensions in relationships i have with some of my friends, and just other things like that. i don't know why i am this way. I've come to realize these past few years that I'm an anxious person. i worry about things that i have no control over, its super annoying and i don't know why i do it. maybe its the fact that i can't control these things is why i get so wound up.

and so, at the end of the day, is there really anything i can do about it? not really, except just be conscious and aware of these thoughts. i think the other thing i really do is pray about it. cause in these types of situations when theres nothing we can do, theres comfort in the knowledge of prayer.

"I like the way you talk about all the things you've seen, you make the world seem small for a time, though its still to big for me. All my life, I've watched you dance along, to music that i can't hear, i ain't equipped to hear those songs." - The Moon is Down, by Radical Face

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