Saturday, July 26, 2014

Well... I've decided that I am going to try and go back to CLBI for their second year program. I applied and went through the intrerview process back in March, and I was accepted in May. Finally I had to decided for my self that i wanted to activally persue this. I think the school kind of forces returning students to decide by asking for a security deposite type thing (I forget the technical term for it) that is to secure my place for the fall and to asure them that i intend on going. So, some money poped up so I put that towards the deposite.

Im not really sure how I feel about it. On one hand, I was very hisitant before i finally started owning the fact that i was going to return. Its quit silly, actually. I activally avoided the topic of making a decision for a while. im not sure why, something in me was fighting it I guess, but now that I gave into what i thought was right, im kinda excited. Which is good. When the excitment over wheighs the fears i have, its a good day. the fears i have are still there, but i think that maybe the knowledge is starting to sink in, that i will be ok no matter what the school will throw at me. i survived it last year mostly intact. so thats good. whats the worst that can happen, right?

"Yes, I'm a little bit wasted. Just like a six-string, I sing only when I'm pressured Or when I'm alone with a rhythm and a reason. Heading for the season of the winter coat, Heartbeat heavy as a suicide note. Yes, I'm a little bit wasted; Nevermind, I'm fine, walking in a straight line, Trying out my voice for the first time" Southbound - Sea Oleena

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